Closed-Cell Polyurethane Foam


The cost of heating and cooling portion of your energy bills is rising and expected to continue to rise. According to the EPA, you can save up to 20 percent on your heating and cooling bills by adding insulation and sealing air leaks in your home. JM Corbond III closed-cell spray polyurethane foam (SPF) is one of the most effective forms of insulation. It creates a virtually impenetrable “building envelope” around the outer shell of your house, making your home more energy efficient, quieter and structurally stronger. JM Corbond III SPF also improves indoor air quality by reducing moisture accumulation.

With its superior energy savings, JM Corbond III SPF will pay for itself in the long run, making it a smart investment. Additionally, an energy-efficient, comfortable home increases resale value while making it a more enjoyable and healthy living environment.


JM Corbond III SPF is a closed-cell spray-in polyurethane foam insulation that can be installed only by a professional. Sprayed in a liquid form, it quickly solidifies and binds to the application area creating tiny foam cells that insulate. Once the foam solidifies, it forms a dense plastic air barrier that prevents outside air from infiltrating your home and conditioned air from escaping the confinements of your home. It also adds strength to your home’s structure.

JM Corbond III SPF provides an extremely high R-value,* it attains an R-21 when sprayed at a thickness of 3 inches and an R-42 at 6 inches. Not only does JM Corbond III SPF provide a great resistance to air leakage, it also provides increased protection from water vapor and outstanding noise reduction. JM Corbond III SPF and its unique Lavender color have become a symbol of uncompromising quality, performance and environmental commitment.

*R-value means resistance to heat follow. The higher the R-value, the great the insulating power.

JM Corbond III SPF Features:

  • A thermal, air and moisture barrier
  • No Shrinking, no settling
  • Stronger structures
  • Increased living space
  • Energy-efficient air-handling systems
  • Faster, more flexible installation
  • A better formulation
  • Flexible hybrid application
  • Uses a zero ozone-depleting blowing agent

How do JM Spray Foam products benefit you?

Enhances energy efficiency and saves money
Installing JM Spray Foam will seal and insulate your home from the elements, resulting in a more energy-efficient living area and saving you up to 20 percent on heating and cooling bills.*

Delivers whole-house comfort and peace of mind
JM SPF will help eliminate drafts and maintain the desired temperature inside your home and will help prevent moisture, allergens, mold and pollutants from entering your house. What’s more, it won’t shrink or settle, so it will perform over the life of the home.

Creates quieter spaces
JM Spray Foam effectively reduces unwanted noises from wind, cars, airplanes, and other disturbances, making your house quieter and more livable from the inside out.

Increases the resale value of your home
Homes with JM Spray Foam offer significant payback through lower utility costs, greater comfort for homeowners, less maintenance and increased resale value. It has been estimated that for every $1 of annual energy saved, your home appreciates $20 at resale. And 55 percent of Americans are willing to pay more for energy-efficient home features.**

*Environment Protection Agency.
**Appraisal, Journal, October 1998 funded by the EPA.

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JM Corbond III Performance Insulation System

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